5 Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in Just Four Weeks

How frequently do you exercise? Only eating well is not sufficient to make your body look great, and you also need to do some exercises.

Make some healthy changes in your daily activities, and it will result with better looks and you will also feel great.

Here are 5 incredible activities, and you need to include them in your daily activities. The results will be visible in about 30 days.

  1. Plank

Planks are the best workout in case you want to tone your abs. Perform the standard pushup, yet maintain your body in a straight line, and rely body weight on your elbows and toes. Remain in this position for as longer time as you can.

  1. Squats

Your feet need to be apart at shoulder width. Spread your arms forward. Twist your knees, and lower your hips. Go down with the whole body, and get your thighs a parallel line with the ground.

Hold your back straight.

Press your feet into the floor, and get your back to the starting position. Squats are extraordinary for your core, and advance a productive fat-burning procedure. Do these to develop solid hams, quads, and calves.

  1. Bird-dog

Perform the plank, and put on the weight on your knees and hands. Spread your right arm and left leg, and maintain proper balance with your body. Remain in this position for a few moments, then go back to the starting position and switch sides. Bird dog exercise fortifies your core and lower back.

  1. Lying hip raises

You need to lie on the floor, and curve your knees. Keep your feet level on the yoga mat. Stretch your arms, press the glutes, and lift your hips.

Go back to the starting position, and do a couple of more of these moves. This exercise will enable you to reinforce your abs, back, thighs, glutes, and hamstrings.

  1. Push-up

Perform the plank, and put your body weight on the feet and hands. Maintain your arms and body straight. Pushups focus on each muscle in your body.

The 4-week practice routine

Your activity routine comprises of two essential exercises:

Exercise 1

Plank – 60 seconds

Push-ups – 60 seconds

Squats – 120 seconds

Bird dog – 60 seconds

Lying hip raises – 60 seconds

Plank – 60 seconds

Push-ups – 60 seconds

Squats – 120 seconds

Relax – 10 sec.

Exercise 2

Plank – 180 seconds

Bird-dog – 180 seconds

Lying hip raises – 180 seconds

Push-ups – 60 seconds

Relax – 15 sec

Here is the monthly exercise routine

Week 1

Day 1 – Exercise 1

Day 2 – Exercise 2

Day 3 – Exercise 1

Day 4 – Exercise 2

Day 5 – Exercise 1

Day 6 – Exercise 2

Day 7 – relX

Week 2

Day 1 – Exercise 2

Day 2 – Exercise 1

Day 3 – Exercise 2

Day 4 – Exercise 1

Day 5 – Exercise 2

Day 6 – Exercise 1

Day 7 – relax

This workout routine will enable you to tone up your body, and improve you overall health. You will love the energy that it provides.

Source: fitnessandpower.comhealthandlovepage.com

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