9 Amazing Bread-less Sandwich Ideas That Will Make You Drool

I enjoy eating sandwiches and one of the hardest things in the sound diets I take after is to stop using them.

In any case, it appears that we never again need to stop consuming sandwiches when we ought to avoid using bread!

One alternative is to begin preparing your own homemade bread of healthy fixings, yet in some cases, these fixings can cost a great deal and are cannot be found everywhere. Then again, there are some phenomenal thoughts you should attempt at this moment!

In spite of being flavorful, the accompanying sandwich formulas will enable you to disregard the bundled bread obsession! Really, I am concerned; these top notch ones will turn into your next obsession!

Note: You can read the recipes for the bread-less sandwich on the hyperlink beneath the name of each sandwich

  1. Portabella halloumi burgers

Recipe – mushroominfo

  1. Collard Green Wrap With Carrot-Ginger Hummus and Rainbow Veggies

Recipe – dinnerwithaura

  1. Cucumber Subs

Recipe – makethebestofeverything

  1. Plantain Tortillas

Recipe – zenbellycatering

  1. Gluten free tapioca wraps

Recipe – glutenfreeonashoestring

  1. Grilled eggplant sandwich

Recipe – mealsandmiles

  1. Paleo sweet potato buns

Recipe – platedwithstyle

  1. Red bell pepper sandwich

Recipe – theprimalparent

  1. Barbecue salmon lettuce wraps

Recipe – nomnompaleo

I am certain you will never again have a craving for bread when you start consuming these sandwiches!

Source: realfarmacy.com

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