Columnar Fruit Trees: Create Your Own City Orchard with These Amazing Dwarf Fruit Trees


It is really amazing to grow your own fruits at home. So we present to you the fruit orchards, which have amazing appearance and they taste magnificently.

Many people love having a huge garden, but some are not that like, so they can grow fruit orchards as a lovely alternative.

You just need small space and some hybrid sorts. It is very simple to grow your own organic fruits. These urban or columnar trees also go by the name Pillarettes or Minarettes. They usually grow in groups, and a spire is the sort of the trunk.

Growing several Minarettes will create a big distinction in your little garden, and you will enjoy the sight of the amazing fruit that you have grown yourself.

Instruction for growing Minarettes

Minarettes can adjust to various climates, and they do not require special conditions as they grow in zones 4-8. But, it is not recommended to grow these little fruits in your living space as it can be too cold or too hot.

They require watering on a regular basis and a lot of sunlight. You should also put some fertilizer on their soil, and do not leave it to become too soggy or too dry.

2-3 feet of space is sufficient for the containers. You should also take two distinct types of fruit to get an amazing cross-pollination.

Increase its strength by cutting the harmed branches. You should do this in the early stage of growth, and when these fruit trees get bigger, it is not required to do this very frequently.

  1. Cherry ‘Sylvia’

It origins from Gisella 6 and it is considered as the most beautiful plant in the garden with its incredible pink blossoms.

  1. Plum ‘Black Amber’

This tree provides numerous aromatic and sweet plums.

  1. Pear ‘Doyenne du Comice’

Enjoy the best aromatic pears from the Quince A trees.

  1. Apple ‘Gala’

If you are a fan of red apple this is the right tree for you. You can also make them in juice. Look for Rootstock M27.

  1. Apple ‘Golden Delicious’

It stays fresh for a long time after picking it. Try Rootstock M9.

Starkbros columnar tree apples

Plant your own Colonnade apple trees and take the pleasure of consuming these amazing crisp apples. You can put them in a decorated pot and place it outside, or you can plant them in the garden, if you have one. These trees can grow 24 feet in width and 10 feet high.

In spring they grow marvelous pink blossom and they look beautiful in each season. This way you will have organic and healthy apples constantly.

So this is the best choice for you. They are not very cheap but you will not regret it. You will enjoy their fruits for about 20 years to come.


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