Dye Your Hair Naturally: These Recipes Will Make Your Hair Perfect!

65% of all women have the habit of dying their hair, according to many studies, and these dyes for hair are available at almost every store. But they are also full with dangerous chemicals.

As per the National Cancer Institute (NCI), hair colors contain more than 5,000 distinct chemicals.

Due to this, it is considerably more secure and cleverer to utilize some natural products, like these:

  1. Henna

The henna powder comes from the henna plant leaves and it is full a natural shading color that gives awesome outcomes. When utilized alone, it provides a red-orange color, and in case you blend it with some chamomile, it makes a lighter color. Here is the instruction for the preparation of this color:

Blend some henna powder with two cups lemon juice, let it react for 4-6 hours, and apply it on the hair. Brush your hair, and cover the hair in a plastic wrap, and let it react for 2-3 hours. Wash with water.

  1. Coffee

Coffee is also very efficient in making your hair with darker color just like chocolate without harming it. You ought to blend a strong natural coffee (ideally espresso), let it to cool, and blend 2 tablespoons of it with some leave-altogether making a natural conditioner.

Massage it on the hair, and let it stay for 60 minutes. After that, wash with apple cider vinegar for more perpetual outcome. You can likewise make a coffee wash.

Wash the hair with a shampoo and pour some coffee on it, and after 20 minutes wash it first with apple cider vinegar, and afterward with warm water. Rehash for a couple days in succession until you get the desired color.

  1. Herbs

There are various herbs you can use to naturally color your hair.

If you want a red color, or to make a reddish highlight, you should use marigold, hibiscus, calendula and rosehips. Stew the herbs in water for 60 minutes. You need to strain, cool it and pour it on the hair. If you can, let the hair to dry in the sun.

If you want a darker hair color, use sage, rosemary or nettle. Stew the herb in water for 30 minutes, strain, cool, and splash/brush through your hair. Let it to act for 60 minutes, and wash.

If you want a blonde color, use saffron, sunflower petals, calendula, chamomile, marigold, and. You can likewise utilize rhubarb pull for the gray hairs. Use catnip for lighter colors and black tea for darker colors.

Boil them for 30 minutes in water, and after that strain it, and let it to cool, and put it over the hair. Leave it for some time and after that wash.

  1. Tea

Tea is the best alternative for natural coloring; and in case of a lighter hair, utilize chamomile tea for blondes, and rooibos for redheads. To color it darker and cover the gray hairs, use black tea.

You have to put 3-5 teabags in some water, leave the tea to cool, and apply it on the hair. You can add a touch of conditioner to it. In case you need to cover the grays, blend in dried or fresh sage which will open away the hair follicles.

Let the tea to represent 60 minutes, or during the night, and wash with warm water.

  1. Beet and Carrot Juice

You can utilize the juices alone or combined. If you want more red shading, include more beet juice, and you will get a strawberry blonde, more profound red or coppery. If you desire a reddish orange, utilize more carrot juice.

Pour the juice on the hair, cover the hair in a plastic thwart, and let it act for 60 minutes. Use coconut oil to condition the hair. In the end simply wash with water and apple cider vinegar.

For darker shading, you may need to rehash a couple times more.

  1. Walnut Shells

Walnut shells are perfect for dim darker shading. You ought to pound the shells and simmer them for 30 minutes. After that, strain, cool, and apply the fluid to the hair. Following 60 minutes, wash with tepid water.

In case you need your shading more extreme, heat up the juice that you have strained yet again until it is left about ¼ of the first volume. After that, put it in the refrigerator to cool, strain once more, and pour through the hair.

  1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is ideal for highlight. Simply spray it on the hair and comb it. Let it to act for a few hours. It will become lighter in case you dry the hair in the sun, and if you are blonde, you can blend the lemon juice with chamomile for surprisingly better impacts. You should rehash this few times.

Subsequently, next time you plan to roll out a little improvement in your hair shading, use natural alternatives instead of the commercial products full with dangerous chemicals!

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