Famous Dermatologist Revealed: Remove Brown Spots On Face And Skin With This Simple Trick!

Many women suffer from low self-esteem due to skin problems like age spots that present an aesthetic problem.  They can become more frequent and increase in number, and the usual place they appear are the legs, shoulders, arms and the face.

Most people use treatments like lotions and creams to eliminate them, but these commercial products can be avoided with a highly efficient natural remedy which is also beneficial in ameliorating the quality of the skin.

This natural remedy has consisted from only 2 ingredients – apple cider vinegar and onion juice. First get onion juice with blending the onion, and then combine it with the apple cider vinegar and put the mixture in the skin. The onion has antioxidants that are beneficial in preventing damage to your skin and can also eliminate the skin problems like scars and many others. And the apple cider vinegar is abundant in hydroxyl acids that are efficient in removing the dead cells on the skin and your skin.

Here are the instructions:

Take one medium-sized onion and cut it into pieces and blend it. After that put some apple cider vinegar and combine it with the onion to create a homogenous paste. Then take one cotton ball and soak it in the solution, and then put it on the skin where you want to treat your skin problems. Do this procedure regularly on a daily basis for about 30 days for optimal results.

This natural remedy gives results in a short period of time – you will feel amelioration in just seven days and this remedy will eliminate the brown spots in just thirty days.

Source: gohealthyteam.com


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