Monsanto Is Scrambling To Bury This Breaking Story – Don’t Let This Go Unshared!

According to FDA test results at the food safety laboratory it has been shown disturbing levels of the weed killer glyphosate remains known as Monsanto’s Roundup.

Above mentioned chemical is part of the Roundup herbicide content, used by so many people in their households, garden, yards.

As the results from numerous independent research state even slight exposure of this chemical is harmful for the body, and it happens to e present in many food in large amounts.

There are scientific confirmations that this chemical called glyphosate can cause various health issues like:

  • Glyphosate can cause hormones and reproductive issues, early beginning of puberty, diabetes, obesity and even some types of cancer. Even low level of this hormone’s disruptor can cause damages on the wellbeing
  • Team of experts at the World Health Organization has linked the glyphosate as potential carcinogenic to people..
  • Glyphosate has wide-spectrum of antibiotic in its content which act like good bacteria destroyers and cause further health issues and inflammations.
  • It has the ability to bind with vital nutrients in the soil, like calcium, iron, manganese, zinc and stops their absorption by plants.

The truth is that this chemical can be found in almost every part of the everyday life. The dangerous ingredient can be found in the soil, water, air, everywhere in the environment.

The usage of glyphosate has increased hugely just by the introduction of lots of GMOs.  the use of glyphosate has drastically increased. Non-organic farmers are being using this drying agent on corps and not only GMOs.

This harmful chemical infects the organic foods and the GMOs and even it is found in honey, almost every tested sample by the FDA has shown presence of this ingredient in the honey.

Unfortunately we cannot relay anymore on the fact that unprocessed and organic food has no harmful chemicals like glyphosate.

Of course that Monsanto spends lots of money to hide this disturbing true. The Regulatory agencies are receiving money just to hide that with this chemical people are purposely poisoned.

This makes explanation on their attitude for the power on glyphosate on the human’s health and whey they act blind in the whole situation.

The biggest mistake of EPA was in 2013, where in order to approve this chemical increased the industry standards to the “safe” point. This made poisonous material to look right and safe for consumption.

They instead would profit then to approve the evaluation off the consequences of glyphosate on the body and its linkage to the cancer.  Unfortunately the desire for profit is bigger than the humanity and the right to inform the people of the corruptions and bad deeds of the corporation.

It is sadly that we are not protected as should by FDA. They begin the glyphosate remains testing at the beginning of this year and still are not declared as suspended.

Here you can find the Test results and full report by Food Democracy Now! and The Detox Project.

Monsanto is dealing to cover their findings since the results from the baby food’s testing where remains were found.  They try to look that is safe for consumption.

It is just sad how the media covers his secret and we are left on the fact that exist and must reveal the results which lead to corruption and protect as much as we can.  For start we should avoid all non-organic foods.

The danger of contamination exists, but luckily its levels are low in these foods compared to the ones in traditional foods.

Spread the information and keep up to date since the health to us and our closest should be priority number one.


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