Place a Clothespin on Your Ear For 20 Seconds. The Results Will Surprise You

You have never imagined that ears could be this helpful, correct? “Every ear contains a total reflex guide of the body, high with nerve endings and numerous connectors to the focal nervous system,” clarifies Helen Chin Lui, eminent reflexologist and specialist.

Lui talked about the ways you can use to support your wellbeing and treat serious infirmities. One of her methods includes utilizing a clothespin.

By setting the clothespin on various regions of your ears you can enhance your general condition.

There are six noteworthy focuses in your ears, and each of them is identified with a particular area of the body. Empower these focuses to treat your present medical issue.

Here’s some more point by point clarification:

  1. Upper section

This place is identified with your back and shoulders. Invigorate it for a moment to soothe strain.

  1. Upper piece of the ear’s bend

This spot is identified with your inside organs. Put the clothespin on it to treat delicacy and distress.

  1. Upper-center piece of the ear

Fortify this spot to mitigate throbbing and solid joints.

  1. Lower-center piece of the ear

Put the clothespin on this spot to ease sinusitis, sore throat, and blockage. It will likewise enable you to rest better.

  1. The section over the ear cartilage

This spot is identified with your stomach related tract. Fortify it to ease stomach torment, upgrade assimilation or avoid stomach related clutters.

  1. Earlobe

It is identified with your head and heart. Put the clothespin on this spot to diminish migraine and headache. Its incitement will likewise reinforce your heart.

As should be obvious, clothespins can do significantly something beyond hold your garments hanged.


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