How To Remove Ticks By Using An Ordinary Salt (Plus Homemade Recipe Against Ticks – Always Works!)


Ticks are exceptionally harmful insects, so we attempt numerous methods for eliminating of them …

Somebody greases up the painful skin with sunflower oil, somebody rubs cleanser, and a few takes it out with tweezers. Somebody recommends rubbing the area with acetone, yet this is not right.

One simple and successful procedure to eliminate ticks I discovered very coincidentally. One day, while I was travelling to my country house, I met an old town professor, who discovered his highly efficient way.

The area where the tick stuck ought to be sprinkled with salt from above and put a bit of wet cotton fleece.

The woman surely guaranteed that in 20-30 minutes (and conceivably prior) the tick will leave alone on the surface of the body.

Later you just need to put in a case and take it to a research center to discover that it is not the holder of poliomyelitis or encephalitis (as indicated by measurements at each 10 ticks, one can have this infection).

Formula against ticks

Before you travel somewhere in the nature in case you don’t have some products against ticks and mosquitoes, you can set yourself up:

In 200 ml of bubbling water put 25 grams of cloves, leave it to boil for 15 minutes, cool and put 2 tablespoons of liquor.

Before leaving, massage this mixture on your skin and the skin of your pets. “The Author” of remedy claims that for a long time –almost 10 years has not brought any ticks from the forest areas.

In case you do not have enough time to make this natural remedy, you can utilize clove oil from the grocery store, mixed with water – a couple drops for every liter of water. Mosquitoes cannot stand the scent of cloves.

In case you are frightened to take out the ticks on your own, it is recommended that you get some medical assistance.


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