They Say Microwaves Are Bad For You But THIS IS WHAT They Don’t Tell You

Microwaves are frequently used for cooking and heating up food, and more than 90% of the household in America possess a microwave oven.

They were first introduced as ‘Radaranges’ and they function with electromagnetic waves that go through the food, affect the food molecules and make them react to the radiation of the microwave and in this way, the food gets heated up.

These microwaves are a type of electromagnetic energy and that go with the speed of light. This wave energy is produced by the magnetron in the microwaves. The wave energy has the ability to change the molecules to negative from positive. This happens millions of times in one second.

These polarized food molecules radiate at the same frequency on one second for more than millions of times as the microwaves affect them. This reaction of the food molecules heats the food and at the same time it damages the food molecules- a reaction called ‘structural isomerism’.

Dr. Hans Hertel – a Swiss food scientist and biologist, conducted a study in which he evaluated the effects of food heated in a microwave. This study lasted for 8 weeks, in which were involved 8 people who stayed in a controlled environment and they consumed microwaved foods, conventionally cooked foods, and raw foods.

Their blood was analyzed after every meal. The results showed huge changes in the blood when they consumed microwaved food.

The Swiss expert – Dr. Hans Hertel said that this type of extremely devastating and such a violent power cannot be survived by any cells, molecules or atoms, even for a short period of time or the lowest energy there is. And in this way, we get the result of microwaved cooking – with the friction from the brutal force inside the water molecules. These molecules are separated by force and they are deformed in the structure (structural isomerism) and their quality is harmed.

You may notice that the food in the microwave oven is not evenly heated. This is due to the fact that these microwaves only work with the water molecules inside the food, and because water molecules are not evenly deployed in every food, it gets unevenly heated.

Stanford University conducted another study about the effects that the microwave ovens have on breast milk. The results showed that some of the healthy nutrients like the disease fighting properties are eliminated in the microwave oven. It also showed that there were other changes in the breast milk besides heating.

In Oklahoma Hospital, in 1991, there was a death case caused by blood which has been heated in a microwave oven. The hospital was sued.

Russia has banned the use of microwave ovens even since 1976, due to their harmful effect on the human’s health.

  • Permanent damage to the brain can be a result of ‘shorting out’ the electrical impulses in the brain, due to the consummation of microwaved food.
  • Consuming microwaved food on a regular basis can also lead to the augmentation of cancerous cells in the blood.
  • Microwave oven destroys the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in the food, so it becomes unhealthy and without any nutrients.
  • It can also lead to cancerous and intestinal growths – tumors. This is the main reason for the numerous cases of colon cancer in America.
  • Constant consummation of food heated in the microwave can also lead to serum alterations and immune deficiencies in the lymph gland.
  • It is also a leading factor in the decrease of intelligence, emotional instability, and loss of concentration and memory.
  • Heating cereal grains and milk in the microwave can make the amino acids to become carcinogens.
  • Defrosting the frozen fruit can turn the galactoside and glucoside to become carcinogenic substances.
  • The plant alkaloids in frozen, cooked, and raw vegetable become carcinogens just after being microwaved for a short time.

Here is an extract take out from the Comparative Study of Food Prepared Conventionally and in the Microwave Oven from 1992, published by Raum & Zelt, and it said:

It is unavoidable to prevent the production of unnatural molecules. The influence of the microwave ovens have converted the naturally occurring amino acids to go through an isomeric alteration, and they are also converted into toxic substances.

Another study showed that microwaved veggies and milk can make huge alterations in the human blood of those who consume this food. The study involved eight participants who consumed the exact food but only it was prepared differently. The participants that ate the microwaved food had disturbing changes in their blood. The levels of cholesterol and white cells in their blood were increased and the levels of hemoglobin were reduced.

Also, the level of lymphocytes was lowered. In order to analyze the energetic alterations in the blood, they used luminescent bacteria. The luminescence of the bacteria was increased when it got in contact with the blood serum produced from the microwaved food.

To sum up and make a conclusion, we must say that consuming microwaved food is very dangerous and can lead to numerous diseases, including cancer. They kill all the beneficial nutrients in the food. So think again, before you cook your food in a microwave oven.


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