The Seed That Activates 300 Different Biochemical Reactions Which Are Essential For Your Body To Function Properly

Hemp seeds are a whole package of healthy seed because it contains all the necessary and essential amino acids and essential fatty acids needed for the human’s wellbeing.

In the content of Hemp protein are gathered all twenty amino acids and also are included nine essential acids. These acids cannot be produced by the body itself and the hemp has them all in the content.

You will suffer from some health disorders if you do not intake foods rich with these essential amino acids. Amino acids are some kind of a builder of proteins. The one gathered in the hemp seed are considered as the most digestible in the world. Not to forget that hemp seed also contains vitamins like A, E, D, lots of B vitamins, calcium, iron, sodium and dietary fiber.

Hemp seeds represent the best source of protein in vegetables.  There are certain similarities between the protein in the human body and the protein from the hemp seed. Proteins like globulins and albumin can be found in the content of hemp. Even 65% of the proteins in the hemp seeds are in fact made of globulin protein, while the edestin is only found in the content of hemp.

Hemp is one of the most powerful natural sources of magnesium in the world. About 75% of people in America are magnesium deficiency. As one of the most important minerals, it is responsible for more than 300 different biochemical reactions are essential for your body to function properly. 1/2 pumpkin seeds contain 92% of the daily intake of magnesium.

Hemp contains perfect ratio of omega fatty acids: omega-3 to 1 3`s omega-6. Omega-6 is only beneficial to our body if the ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids is 3 to 1. As a nation, do not consume enough of these. The current ratio in the United States is 50: 1. Our cultivation way to be engaged in processing prepackaged foods and vegetable oil. Abnormal Relationships Causes Inflammation This leads to premature aging and various diseases.

This plant is very easy to grow and is GMO-free. Plant hemp requires very little control of parasites. This observation is also perfect for the American climate. Hemp Industries Association According to only about eight known parasites of a hundred cannabis boxes causes serious problems. This means grouping is the most grown without pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. It grows very fast, it can provide a natural alternative to many industrial areas, which is safer and more natural for human consumption.

What happens to your body while hemp consumption?

  • Balancing Hormones
  • Improving function of the organs
  • Improving cardiovascular system
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reduces PMS Symptoms

By using hemp seed oil you can help to nourish and improve your hair and skin. The oil has deep pungent properties and goes deep into the skin and nourishes the cells.

  • Helping with melting fat
  • Helps with digestive disorders
  • Boosts energy

Hemp is very beneficial plant and it was used in many foods, making ropes and another combination, back in the 1950s was banned due to its relations to marijuana.


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