The Turmeric You’re Consuming Is Useless Unless You Take It In One Of These 3 Ways

The best natural remedy is the turmeric, and there are some important things you should know about it.

It comes from the family Zingiberacaea and it is related to ginger. Turmeric offers numerous health benefits, and has been commonly used due to its healing abilities.

Curcumin and curcuminoids

Curcumin or also known as diferuloylmethane is the first of the three curcuminoids that are contained in turmeric and the other two are the following: bis-desmethoxycurcumin and desmethoxycurcumin. There are a lot of other compounds contained in the essential oils.

It is considered as the most powerful remedy in the world but on the other hand its bioavailability is very low. Many researches have shown that there are only small traces of curcumin in the urine, the peripheral tissues and blood plasma, even though they are utilizing very big concentrations in their studies.


This is clarified in the Merck manual in which it is stated that the bioavailability is considered to be the rate and the extent in which the active compound (metabolite or drug) goes into the systemic flow, and thus getting to the action site.

Scientific proof that Turmeric’s bioavailability is very low

Key focuses:

  • In case of oral intake, the curcumin is metabolized by the body before it get to the blood stream, and that is why it is present in small traces
  • The bioavailability of turmeric also depends on the administration and the preparation.
  • To ameliorate the bioavailability you can use some adjuvants.


  • Whalstron and Blennow performed a study in which they found that when the curcumin is orally taken, the intestines do not absorb it in high amounts.
  • Ravindranath el al performed another research in 1980, which showed that even though rats were given 400mg of curcumin, they did not find any trace of it.
  • Yang et al discovered only 36mg/ml enter the blood stream when we consume 10mg/kg of curcumin.
  • Another unbelievable fact was discovered in the study – Absorption and tissue distribution of curcumin in rats – and Ravindranath et al –the research expert stated that by analyzing the kidney and liver of the rats, that were given 400mg of curcumin, they only found traces of unchanged molecule. 30 minutes later, they discovered that 90% of the taken curcumin was present in the small intestine and the stomach, and after 24 hours there was only 1% left.
  • Whalstrom and Blennow additionally demonstrated that curcumin is quickly disposed of from the body

Improve the power of turmeric in 3 ways

  1. Mix it with black pepper

The most efficient adjuvant with turmeric is black pepper.

Black pepper offers these health benefits:

  • Reduces vertigo.
  • Helps in the treatment of memory impairment and cognitive malfunction.
  • Lowers the risk of cancer and cardiovascular and liver problems.
  • Soothes the symptoms of sinusitis, nasal congestion and asthma.
  • It is beneficial in treating Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

The power of black pepper

The drug metabolism can be inhibited by piperine. The liver makes the foreign substances water-soluble, and thus they can be excreted much easier and the liver eliminates them. But on the other hand, this process is inhibited by the black pepper molecule, states the famous physician –Michael Greger.

Which amount of black pepper is sufficient

When people consume a high amount of turmeric, there is only a little augmentation in the level of curcumin in the blood stream.

The reason for this small augmentation is because the liver constantly eliminates it. But if we add only ¼ teaspoon of black pepper in the turmeric, it has the ability to prevent this process from happening.

And the amount of curcumin in the bloodstream increases a lot. The bioavailability increases by up to 2000% with consuming the exact amount of turmeric.

It also showed that the levels can be increased by taking even very small amount of black pepper – 1/20 of a teaspoon. And curry powder contains another ingredient combined with turmeric and it is Black pepper.

  1. Mix it with healthy fat

To obtain the most of turmeric you should combine it with healthy fats, because it is fat-soluble.

Curcumin cannot enter the gut, when it is not dissolved in a proper way, and the most of the immune system thrives in the gut.

In order to have an optimal health, it is very important to maintain a healthy gut, because the digestive system contains 80% of the immune system. – says Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Ameliorating the curcumin’s absorption is by whole food, turmeric root intake – dried in powder form or fresh; this is important because the turmeric powder and the turmeric root that are contained in natural oils are able to increase the curcumin’s bioavailability by 7-8 times higher.

Consuming curcumin combined with fat makes it absorbed directly in the bloodstream, passing by the liver and through the lymphatic system – explains Dr. Michael Greger.

  1. Increase the bioavailability by heating

The curcumin, which is the powerful ingredient in turmeric, needs help in order to be absorbed in the body. This can easily be achieved by heating it in a sauté pan combined with some warm oil. – clarifies Dr. Sukumar.

The best way to incorporate turmeric into the food is by turmeric pills which are not soluble in water. So every time you cook something in a sauté pan, put some turmeric and increase its bioavailability.

Main points:

  • Boost the bioavailability of turmeric by 2000% by combining it with black pepper.
  • Improve the absorption of turmeric by combining it with coconut oil, ghee oil and other healthy fats
  • Turmeric is activated by heating.


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